For those in debt, private loans are the easiest option

as you can count on not having your credit history checked at the Credit Information Office.
Bydgoszcz loans-popular offers

If you need quick cash, instant loans are at your disposal. Comparison site users they are happy to take advantage of the following offers:

In this company a private loan from Bydgoszcz is offered from 200 PLN. The maximum amount that can be transferred is PLN 2,000 and the maximum repayment period is 30 days.


The company makes loans from £ 300. Your first loan will be free if you do not take more than £ 3,000. A maximum of 5,000 PLN can be obtained. The payment must be settled within 30 days.


The lowest amount offered is PLN 300. The first time you can apply for up to PLN 2,000. Further non-bank loans may amount to: PLN 2,500 – second loan, PLN 3,000 – third loan, PLN 4,000 – fourth loan, PLN 5,000 – fifth loan. PLN 5,000 is the maximum amount of the loan. The commitment must be paid off within 30 days.

It allows you to borrow even a small amount equal to PLN 100. The first commitment must not exceed PLN 3,000. The maximum offer is 7,500 PLN. The maximum repayment period shall be 61 days.

Small Loan

If you’re looking for a proof loan for an undisclosed amount, the offer is right for you. You will receive a loan starting from 200 PLN. The largest amount of money you can borrow is £ 2,000. The commitment should be settled within 30 days.
Loans Bydgoszcz – offers without BIK

Of the companies listed above, non-BIK loans are offered and a small loan, but there are more options on the market:

It offers loans of a minimum of PLN 100 and a maximum of PLN 5,000. The minimum repayment period is 5 days and the final 50 days.

Ferratum Money

100 zlotys is the minimum amount you can receive. A commitment of up to PLN 2,000 is possible. The deadline for repayment is 30 days.


The minimum amount you can get is 300 PLN. The first loan up to £ 1,000 is free. You can apply for up to £ 8,000.

Loan Plus

The smallest amount of money you can get is £ 200. With the ninth loan you can get the maximum amount, which is PLN 8,000. The repayment period may not exceed 45 days.


Alegotówka is a cash loan from Bydgoszcz starting at PLN 500. The highest proposed amount is PLN 5,000. The maximum repayment period shall be 30 days.
Bydgoszcz loans-free offers

While loans with no BIK checking and up to PLN 1,000 with a 0% RRSPs are easily available, finding a free offer of at least PLN 3,000 is more difficult, but thanks to the comparison you gain quick access to various proposals.…